We have introduced a new option for the Global Banking accounts that is managed by a third party. Their platform allows you to hold most major world currencies and provides you with optional Mastercard debit cards and virtual debit cards that operate independent of your Banking account.
However, this new platform does not handle Bitcoin. Therefore, we are still using the Loom system to handle that wallet, where you can hold and trade Bitcoin in total anonymity. You can still also open a Euro, Dollar, and Gold wallet. Then, it is a simple matter when you want to cash out to transfer the funds from the old platform to the new one, where you can spend it using wire transfers, or spend it in the real world through the optional attached Mastercard, which does not have your name on the front to protect your privacy.
The debit cards also allow card to card transfers independent of the mother account for a maximum of flexibility.
Online purchases can be made with the optional virtual debit card, which is separate from your plastic card, and, as a final option, you can load the virtual card with any other Visa or Mastercard, and even transfer the funds back into your banking account, making this an even more flexible tool.
So now, you can have your cake and eat it too! You can have anonymity and financial flexibility as well as the ability to exchange back and forth with Bitcoin, and hold your funds in a private wallet that leaves no trace on the blockchain! This is a privacy and offshore client’s all around dream system!


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