Global Financial Security is pleased to announce the release of our brand new OFFSHORE DEBIT MASTER CARD!

We will be able to load this card for you from any of the e-currencies and systems we support. It is a convenient way for you to transfer your e-currencies back to cash. It is also a great way for you to access funds you have in your online account, and to gain easy access to your investment returns.

This debit card is issued as part of our new online banking account option, which gives you a full multiple currency offshore banking account to which can be added both a plastic and a virtual debit card. These debit cards are optional, and operate separately from the main banking account for your security.
The cards are available for immediate shipment, as soon as you have opened the banking account. You can then order the cards directly through the account screen. Again the cards operate separately from the banking account, and can even send and receive card to card transfers on their own. The main account can also send and receive account to account transfers.
You need to present a copy of your government issued ID and utility bill. That’s it! They also still accept US citizens, which is a big plus.

These banking accounts have no maximum, so you can have as much money in it as you want and use it just like you would any other offshore bank account. Cards are issued WITHOUT your name to protect your privacy. They are Mastercard debit cards, so are accepted worldwide.

To Order

Please fill out a contact form, telling us your name and the shipping location. We will reply with full instructions. Almost everyone accepted! ********** For a limited time, the introduction fee is only $100.00 – a 50% savings!

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